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Raised in Colorado, both Theo’s parents are published writers - his father a novelist and screenwriter, and his mother a playwright and journalist. He grew up in a household steeped in literature, story, plot, structure, and characters and grew up around many successful writers across a range of disciplines.

He received his BA from Bowdoin College with a double major in European History and World Religions and a minor in Theater. Then he moved to New York where he enrolled in The Stella Adler Studio’s Professional Conservatory for acting expanding his repertoire with a wide range of plays and scripts. After working for an imminent Broadway production company (RFP), he founded and worked with two off-broadway theatre companies as a producing artistic director.

Finally, he transitioned to Los Angeles where he landed an assistant position at Gersh Talent Agency in the TV Lit/Packaging Department, representing some of the industry’s top writers and directors. He worked for TV Lit agent Roy Ashton, and then Noah Jones and Michael LoSasso. In addition, he covered over 20 other desks around the company in the Talent, Digital/Alternative, and Feature Departments giving him a thorough understanding of the current trends and changes going on in the industry.

Theo is based in Los Angeles, California. He continues to freelance for Gersh doing feature coverage, while also pursuing his own projects.

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