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Theo gave me valuable feedback about constructing a story capable of getting traction in today's marketplace, and useful tips on navigating that marketplace as a freelance writer.


He's a pleasure to speak with and his experience-earned knowledge is invaluable. Recommend!

 - Brian Golden,

Award Winning Playwright & Writer

 - Ryan Moore,


Coming out of the trenches of one of the most successful agencies, Theo very obviously let nothing slip over his head. Not only does he have a keen understanding of the foundations of a captivating screenplay, he has a sixth sense for the nuances and tiny strokes that separate a general writer from a consummate professional.


Theo understands the concept of a writer having an individual voice and encourages-in a tangible and intellectual way- to pursue that voice,. While at the same time, always taking into account the marketplace and all it's subtle, every day changes.  When art meets marketability, success is inevitable. And Theo Salter is a man who knows how to optimize that duet.

Theo's craft is unique because of his ability to blend his acting background into the work.  He is a master at making the story structure more fluid and finding the appropriate beats.  The feedback he's offered me has always made my work stronger and more specific.

 - Joe Coffey,


- Sasha Alicia Gary,


I had Theo Salter give me script coverage for my romantic comedy. He was honest and objective. He talked about how he liked my characters, and gave me notes on how to strengthen my plot,  and to give more conflict to my character's journey.  Also, the structure of my story needed to be changed as I should have introduced a character earlier in the script. 


I completely agreed with everything Theo had to say about my script. It was a great guide for me to do a rewrite. He was extremely helpful for me as a writer.  I will continue to use Theo in the future for my other scripts.  

 - Brian Golden,
Award Winning Playwright & Writer

Theo has a great feel for the pulse of the industry. I wouldn't feel confident sending out a draft without getting his eyes on it first. He can see through all my BS and focus me in on the clear emotional journey of the character. 

- Zach Messner,


Theo Salter has proven to have the drive and determination necessary to be a successful manager. His work ethic and evolvement in the project are further complimented by his willingness to think outside the box and maximize creative potential of the story.

One element that surely sets Theo apart is his infectious personality and positive attitude. Because of his insistence on maintaining an open and honest dialogue between his colleagues, Theo brings a sense of harbors and optimism that is conducive to the creation of great ideas.

- Olly Zimina,

Producer and AFI Graduate

Theo provided helpful, timely and conscientious feedback on a script I am developing.  Having input from a savvy and experienced writer was not only appreciated but put to good use on the further development of my script to ensure it's commercial appeal.  I look forward to continuing to consult with him throughout the process of completing my screenplay.  

- Larry Sager, Writer

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