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Theo Salter

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Receive templates, ideas, and suggestions on how to best present your ideas and, sometimes more importantly, yourself in pitch meetings or in written form.


Obtain in-depth feedback,
notes, and analysis on your feature or TV script regardless of the genre, tone or setting of your work.


Receive relevant industry feedback on the current market. Avoid pitfalls and common misconceptions about selling your work in Hollywood.

Theo gave me valuable feedback about constructing a story capable of getting traction in today's marketplace, and useful tips on navigating that marketplace as a freelance writer.
He's a pleasure to speak with and his experience-earned knowledge is invaluable.
 - Brian Golden,
Award Winning Playwright & Writer

Theo was an assistant at Gersh Talent Agency in the TV Lit/Packaging Department, representing some of the industry’s top writers and directors. He worked for TV Lit agent Roy Ashton, and then Noah Jones and Michael LoSasso. In addition, he covered over 20 other desks around the company in the Talent, Digital/Alternative, and Feature Departments giving him a thorough understanding of the current trends and changes going on in the industry...

I think most of us are looking for a calling, not a job.
Most of us like the assembly-line worker, have jobs that are too small for our spirit.
Jobs are not big enough for people.
 - Studs Terkel

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